Monday, August 12, 2013

My Girl, My Girl...

          My Girl- my sweet tempered lovely little lady- tomorrow you are turning four years old- it feels like I have blinked and four years have just flown by- yet at the same time it feels like you have always been part of me- I can barely remember time before you were here. I love you so.

       When you were born your brother was only 18 months old- I am not sure how we managed to do anything- life was very, very slow- we walked everywhere and napped a lot! Daddy went back to work and I was left alone with two babies after a week - I was terrified- but obviously everything went well- like I said we walked and napped- a lot!

      My girl you were the exact opposite of your brother- you were quiet- daddy says that when he was in the hospital room with you while I recovered you just stared at him with your big brown eyes- you didn't cry- you didn't want to sleep- you just stared. This is very telling of your personality- you need to know about things- inquisitive- more than one stranger has told me you are an old soul- you are most definitely a special soul.

           Watching you grow has been such a treat- this past year you officially left babyhood behind and are foraging into being a kid full steam ahead- you need to always try to catch up with your big brother! You have no fears- except flies- you are not a fan of flies. You love swimming, reading, drawing, playing babies, your friends and of course the sun rises and sets on your big brother. You are feisty and refuse to be left behind or pushed around- I hope you are always like this. 

         Oh my girl- my heart aches when I think of the possibilities for your future- I do a little dance of joy each time you pick up a paint brush or play the ukulele- you are such a free creative spirit- I pray that never gets crushed. Oh the places you will go my girl- the things you will see and do- you are destined for greater things than this city holds- I know our time with you is short and I try to hold onto each moment! Happy fourth Birthday my special one- we love you so!

P.S thank you to Heather Renny Photography- the photos with the green sweater are from her!


  1. I love birthday posts, the bittersweet nature, but always celebratory. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

    1. It really is bitter sweet in nature isn't it? So amazing to see them grow yet wishing they would stay little always! And now to go sob into my pillow!


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