Friday, January 8, 2016

Field Trip: West Coast Seeds

        To me the days immediately after New Years are Spring. I do realize of course that we, only weeks ago, turned the corner to actual winter but here on the West Coast signs of the earth warming are popping up all over. For example we went to the bank just the other day and low and behold the daffodils are poking through the dirt- headed for the sun! So to me it is automatically Spring- early days but Spring non the less!

       Feel free to call me delusional but what makes me happiest right now is pouring over the seed catalogue and making my list. My girl and I decided to put our plan into action and paid a visit to our most favourite seed store ever West Coast Seeds in Ladner. West Coast Seeds is one of the biggest- of not THE biggest supplier of untreated non GMO seeds in Canada- supplying gardening shops across the country. Lucky us we can visit the bricks and mortar shop!

      Not only is it delightful to see all the choices in person but West Coast Seeds offers a variety of kitchy gardening gear as well as knitted socks, hats and all other sorts of interesting gardening gear. Shopping here is like hanging out in my Mom's backyard- these gardeners know their stuff- while we were visiting the shop I eavesdropped on several conversations and learned a tonne about growing Micro Greens!

     So although I had declared that my gardening days are over I have been bitten by the bug once again- we are planning out our containers and getting everything set to start seeds inside. I have learned a few things over the past few years about the intricacies of container gardening and I think this year I have a pretty good handle on what will and won't work. If nothing else grows than at least we will have some pretty flowers to look at!

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