Thursday, January 21, 2016

Button Button

          A great part about living in Gastown is that this neighbourhood is a neighbourhood in transition where a few gems  can still be found. The Hipsters and Yuppies haven't ruined everything quite yet! There are still a few shops that specialize in a quirkiness that isn't curated or Kinfolk worthy- shops that are still interesting for their individuality.

         One such shop is Button Button on the corner of Homer and Cordova street- up a flight of stairs- through a wooden and glass door lies jewel box of buttons. Button Button has been a neighbourhood fixture for over twenty years. This is my go to place when I need to finish off a sewing or knitting project. Unique and different than what you would find attached to a card these buttons are truly tiny works of art.

    I think part of the magic of a big city is the constant change- but it is equally comforting in this world of constant change that such a shop still exists! I wonder how many buttons one has to sell to pay rent in Gastown these days? At any rate I am so happy that Button Button is just around the corner from me- just another quirky layer of our neighbourhood!


  1. Oh I love that store but I assumed it closed when it was no longer on the sidewalk level since I could not find it. Should have asked you, you would know gastown girl! -ttm

    1. It's still there- such a quirky little shop!


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