Friday, January 22, 2016

Year of Knitting: Moonstone Pullover

        When I read the description for this knitting pattern I knew this was just the pattern for us -"Named for the magical beach full of towering sea stack rocks and tide pools, this unisex child’s pullover can be worked in stripes or in a solid colour" . Hello a more perfect image has never been written! So it was with out hesitation that I dove into knitting my first Moonstone Pullover in some grey worsted wool from my Mom. When I say dove in I mean dove in- I didn't read the instructions properly and a sweater that was supposed to be for my size 10 boy has now landed on the size 8 frame of my girl! I misread the pattern- oops!

     That was just fine with her- she happily slipped this cozy little bit of knitting on right away and claimed it for her own- picking out the hand worked silver buttons which I think are just perfect! The Moonstone is a quick and easy knit- the first top down sweater I have attempted and with the exception of knitting the wrong size it was really so simple. From cast on to cast off I was done in two weeks. 

    It's so funny that a short time ago I didn't consider myself a knitter and now my hands get antsy if they aren't busy! I love how portable knitting is- I can have my basket with me wherever I go ready to continue with just a few rows if needed. I think what appeals to me most of all is the fact that I am making garments for my family- from my own hands- that might otherwise not be so ethically sourced. I am a part of the solution- it's easy with a gorgeous pattern such as the Moonstone.

       Friends it is Friday again! We are likely on the road headed over the hills to the Okanagan as you read this- my knitting basket at my feet- my kids squabbling in the back seat behind me. I am looking forward to a large glass of wine once we hit Peachland! Happy Friday Friends- much love and creativity!

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  1. You ARE a knitter! That's a great sweater and I'm glad it fit your girl. She looks so happy in it too! Enjoy your weekend in the Okanagan sipping wine, eating mom food, and knitting! At least you'll be missing this mess of rain I am hearing outside!


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