Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Year Of Making: Baktus Scarf

          In amongst all the gift making, cookie eating and bouts of croup we sunk in some time at the beach to frolic in the pale winter sunshine- to celebrate the longest night of the year and also this striped scarf! Quite awhile ago I admired this striped goodness over on Christine Chintis' blog- OK I may have stalked this scarf for some time until I found the perfect wool - Madeline Tosh-over the summer in Portland at Knit Purl. The pattern was traced back to the Baktus Scarf pattern a quick and easy knit indeed!

         Those who know me in person can attest that this little bit of softness has been in constant rotation since it came off the needles- a comforting weight on my shoulders as the days get cooler. I love a good stripe- some say I may have a problem as there are just so many stripes in my closet! I am nothing if not consistent!

        Once again in my knitting journey even the most simplest of patterns has taught me something- with this Baktus Scarf I learned about knitting with two colours of wool.  Something I really struggled to wrap my brain around- thanks You Tube for helping me figure that one out! Now that I am able to knit my beloved stripes there really is no stopping me - perhaps instead of store bought striped socks I will knit my next pair!

PS- no I did not knit my hat- a hat for myself is in my queue
PSS- I am not sure how much more Pacific Northwest I can get here- feel free to mock away at the Buffalo Plaid- black rimmed glasses- Blundstones ect ect!
PSSS- thanks to my Mr for taking these pics- I love that guy!


  1. Good morning, Sharilyn! I love that scarf! Those stripes - wonderful! I will have to figure this one out slowly, for me. I have finished my beginner's knitting class and have knitted three hats and a scarf for gifts! Now I have your striped scarf to look forward to trying out in January. Merry Christmas to you & your family!

    1. Merry Christmas Melissa! I can't wait to see what you have been working on!


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