Thursday, December 17, 2015

Keeping Things Simple

            In keeping with the growing theme in my life- as the Holidays approach- I am keeping things simple. This year I have opted out of the baking, the fancy, re- usable fabric bags and possibly with an increased chance the Christmas cards. Having to be very realistic about how I spend my time I have paired this Christmas season ways a way back! Prioritizing spending time with my family over doing a tonne of things for other people- starting with the very basics- teacher gifts!

             We love our teachers and care givers- we are blessed to be part of such an amazing community that is so close. For me to go out and buy gift cards feels really impersonal and not a heartfelt thank you at all. So over the past few weekends the Littles and I have gathered our supplies at the kitchen table and put our hands to work. 

              I truly believe in giving my kids some agency over their Christmas gifts- these are actually made by the kids for the adults who are helping to shape and mold them. I think it's important to have children be active participants in saying thank you to the people who give to them every single day. All too often it's so easy for us as parents to take over all aspects of everything- including showing gratitude. I am hoping that by letting my Littles take the lead they will be giving gifts from their hearts- gifts made by their own hands with their own time- an important life lesson.

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