Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Very West Coast Christmas

          Christmas has come and gone and with in many days of relaxing- lots of time spent where we feel most comfortable out at the beach next to the water with the cold wind on our cheeks. While the weather was perhaps not to be considered the best we didn't let it deter our spirit -with things to explore and new toys to try out- our time spent outside was perhaps my favourite gift of all.

        While the snow blanketed the hills and mountains around us we kept warm in the falling rain with wool blankets and hot chocolates- things always taste better outside! The miles of pristine- and deserted- beach called to be explored. The littles scattered while we set ourselves up- checking out familiar logs and rocks- hunting for winter beach treasures.

        Santa brought the Mr. a Biolite stove and this little gadget is possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen! Not only does the heat power a fan- which in turn creates more flame and sucks the smoke away. This diminutive little stove reduces soot and smoke by 90% and for every stove purchased Biolite donates a home cook stove to a community that needs it. This company is onto something big and exciting- not only does the stove reduce soot- it also doesn't require the usual fuel needed for a camp stove- the Biolite is fuelled entirely on sticks and tinder. As if this wasn't enough you can also charge your cell phone with it!

          So of course we needed to try out the latest addition to our camp kitchen arsenal- this tiny and easy to pack little stove is about to be a permanent fixture in our van- hot chocolate on all our adventures now! I was really surprised with how fast the stove heated or milk up- apparently it boils water in no time flat- and the heat it threw off was as good as most small campfires. Needless to say the Mr. was chuffed with his gift and we will all benefit from it!

            So with pockets full of beach glass- the very best is found in the winter don't you know- and our cheeks all aglow our winter holidays are coming to an end. While I feel myself holding my breath for another day or so until I can convince the fam jam to take down our tree- I know these days of December ware waning. The days are getting longer- even if by a few minutes- I will just sit back read another book and have another glass of wine! The tree can wait- at least for today!

PS- who says city kids can't learn to handle a hatchet or light a fire? Let them be curious- let them take risks- let them alone!

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