Monday, December 14, 2015

These Days

           These days have been incredibly wet and rainy and our little family is becoming increasingly cabin bound. Our daily routine is small- work to school and home again- very little movement off the beaten path- trying to stay dry. So it goes with out saying that when a break in the storms happened this past weekend we headed to our favourite spot on earth- the ocean. There is something so cathartic about screaming into gale force winds- a release happens and everyone of us just feels better!

         These short days of December can run away from us- lists can grow long- and the pile of plastic can get out of hand. I am so happy that right from the beginning we kept things simple. Choosing to make December more about our family than the growing pile of gifts. My days are too precious to spend at a mall buying things for people I love- when I would rather be with the people I love doing things that we love.

           There is a lot happening in this world right now that doesn't make sense. I have thought long and hard about what to say- trying to find the words to adequately express my sadness in humankind. Words have failed me- I have no words for the atrocities being committed abroad- I have no words for  my sadness in the small mindedness I see in so many Canadians right now. In a world of uncertainty my kids make sense- when nothing else does! Standing on a cold beach in the middle of December- watching them collect all the rocks one could possibly need- makes sense. Cold noses- cold cheeks- warm hearts.

         These days I just want to seek out solitude- I mean in the company of my family- but we seek out the quiet places- between the forest and the ocean. Looking for places where we can scream our hearts out and race until our lungs burst. I want to find the places that make sense to me- where the sadness of far off places can't reach me- I want to hide- but I won't.

          I think this trip to the beach was exactly what we needed- just us four and the sea gulls- oh and some dogs with their humans. Heading back into a busy work week I can hang onto this day- remember my girl hoarding rocks in her pockets- my boy wandering down the beach lost in his thoughts- my Mr. laughing as tide threatened his dry feet. While the days of summer are long and seems endless- slightly frivolous and to be wasted these short days of winter are something special indeed- not to be wasted at all!

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