Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas In The City: Go Fish

            We are staying in the city for Christmas this year! It's kind of special because usually we head out of town and over the hills to Grandma's house in the Okanagan for the days surrounding the holidays. For the first time in years though we are staying in the city we love- Vancouver. It's awesome to really see how the city puts of the glitz West Coast style during the holidays and so I will be featuring some of our favourite spots that are good to visit year round- but especially on the rainy December days leading up to Christmas!

        First up is our favourite fish and chips place- Go Fish- located just off Granville Island down at the fish docks this is truly some of the best fish and chips in the city- oh and the Tacones are pretty amazing too! This place is normally crowed beyond capacity during warmer days and so it is practically a genius move to come here during the off season. We walked right up to the counter and placed our order- ten minutes later we had piping hot cod!

            This city of ours really does a number of things right- food is one of them. The fish at Go Fish is as mentioned some of the best to be found in Vancouver. My favourite is the tuna tacone- seared to perfection and served with a spicy slaw in a warmed tortilla- amazing- have two!

         After a yummy lunch at Go Fish a walk down on the docks is a must- an authentic West Coast thing to do. My West Coast kids are right at home on the floating ramps and docks-pearing over the edge and making me freak right out! If you are lucky a resident seal will swim right up to say hello. Oh Vancouver- away from the crowds- when the rain stops- with fish and chips- you are perfect!

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