Thursday, October 22, 2015

Year Of Making: In Threes

        Part of the radio silence these past few days has been all of the knitting I have on the go- my hands are otherwise engaged making my knitting needles fly! The more projects I complete the more confident I am becoming as a knitter- I remember not to long ago writing a post about how I didn't consider myself to be a knitter but I so wanted to understand the language. I feel like I can now say I am indeed a knitter!

      One of the small items that has recently come off the needles is this wee little short sleeve cardigan for my little Miss. The perfect thing for these funny in between days of fall- a great layering tool. The pattern is In Threes and really was so simple it only took a week to complete. I seriously love this pattern so much and feel the need to figure out how to size this up so my girl can have another when she grows again!

    As we are deep in Slow Fashion October and one of my goals was to address my wool stash I pulled a skien bought long ago. I am not sure of the brand but it is the softest and silkiest wool I have worked with yet- obviously I loved the colour because I have 2 more skeins of the same shade! I think another benefit of Slow Fashion October is taking a look at my children's wardrobes with the same critical eye as I look at my own closet. I have started to focus my energies on building each of them a capsule wardrobe with easy mix and match garments that can transition between seasons which means getting the most wear out of a single item.

    Incidentally my little Miss is wearing her brother's hat from a past season- what I love about making things for my babes is they are always happy for hand me downs. I have never sewn or knitted something for The Boy that my Girl isn't happy to receive- batman shorts, bucket hats, vests- you name it and if big brother has worn it she is happy to take it on. These are simple- hardworking clothes that are made to be played in- gotten dirty- and adventured in- these are the layers of childhood!


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  1. Sharilyn, I love that sweet cardigan you made for your girl! I am also happy to read how you now feel you understand the language of knitting and now feel like a knitter. That's how I have felt in my previous tries at knitting, that I knew the words but could not speak the language. You've given me hope! ;-) I have also just signed up for a Beginner's Knitting class at Three Bags Full so I hope that a year from now, I can feel like you do right now - a knitter!

    Have a lovely weekend. It's beautiful out!


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