Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In The Field: O'Keefe Ranch

          On a recent trip to the North Okanagan it was decided that a trip to the corn maze at O'Keefe Ranch was a must. The skies were hanging low and rain was threatening but our Littles were admit that I would love the ranch( I didn't have the heart to tell them I visited as a child) and that the corn maze was a-maze-ing! Get it? Hillarious I know! So we piled into the van along with my Father In Law and fully expecting to get soaked but trying to stay optimistic.

        Upon arrival at the ranch we were delighted to find horses to ride, kittens to love on and sheep to share secrets with. The Littles love to take any opportunity they can to get into the saddle- their Opa was a very accomplished equestrian rider once upon a time and he was happy to see both kids excited to ride. These city kids of ours are getting more time on horses than I ever did as a kid- and I grew up in a town where horses walking down the street was an every day occurrence! So horses, cats and sheep- oh and chickens- our kids were in heaven. The campaign for pets is reaching a fever pitch around here these days and this trip certainly fuelled the fires.

        O'Keefe Ranch is nestled in amongst the rolling hills of the North Okanagan just outside of Vernon- a few minutes from town.  The end of the wagon road with a self supporting town O'Keefe Ranch recently celebrated it's 149th birthday. Primarily a tourist attraction today the ranch still retains much of it's charm and plenty of historic buildings that are open to the public to explore in season.

         So we did horse back riding , followed by a trip through the corn maze- we played it safe and visited during the day- if one is brave enough to go through the corn at night be prepared to be terrified- but during the day it's all kitty cats and pumpkins! Once we made our way through the corn maze we sat by the camp fire and had hot dogs and of course mini donuts.

           With the rain holding off until we were safely on our way home we enjoyed our time at the ranch through and through. What I loved best about the set up at O'Keefe Ranch was the amount of space- not the overwhelming crowds one finds at the Coast when trying to do anything seasonal! With their bellies full of mini donuts and heavy eyes threatening naps our Littles declared O'Keefe Ranch as having the best corn maze ever- it was a-maze-mg!

P.S. because I know folks will ask Miss Lo's dress is the Gardinia dress pattern from Cali Faye Collections- sewed out of a ever so soft piece of Cotton & Steel double gauze- I will likely write about the dress details in another post- for now it's all kitten & horses!

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  1. That looks like Kid Heaven! It's nice to go visit a place and it's not packed with other people visiting. I did notice your dear girl's lovely outfit! She is lucky to have a mom who sews and knits!

    BTW, I look forward to seeing your Tamarack jacket!


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