Tuesday, December 8, 2015

These Days: December

          Two months ago ,when life got crazy busy and I hit the pause button on my blog, I never imagined that I would possibly be gone for quite so long! I planned my posts- each week trying to a lot time to sit and write and each week the days just slipped on by. So these days- winter days- are turning out to be a fair bit busier than I ever imagined! Every day I have to make a choice- to sit and write or knit or sleep or clean- making time to create in the cracks between work and family.

          I have this friend- she is an amazing artist- recently I listened to her pod cast on the Jealous Curator- go have a listen and you will not be disappointed! So my friend- Jessica- spoke about how impossible to create art in the cracks- how one needs to take the leap and dedicate your days to making. I have been marinating in this idea of creating art between the cracks- the idea has really stuck with me- as I struggle to create in the small time allotted to me each day. The thing is I agree with her. I agree that most people can do one thing really well- to be successful at one creative venture you must dedicate all your days to it. Where I struggle is the fact that I am passionate about many things- I wish to succeed in many areas of my life... and I think I can do it.

         So while I may not be here every single day any more- I am still thinking and planning and dwelling in this little corner of the inter- webs. While I may be blogging in the cracks just remember that I am somewhere knitting or sewing- creating and pushing my art to a different place. I am parenting between the cracks too- but that is a blog post for another day! Meanwhile I'm here- I'm around- I'm just trying to get the most out of these days as I possibly can!

P.S. these littles of mine are swiftly growing these days as well- all the feels are happening around here! Legs are stretching as is the vocabulary!

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