Thursday, October 8, 2015

Slow Fashion: Small

           So technically I am tardy to the party- we are actually in week two of Slow Fashion October but I was so busy with the knitting last week that I did zero writing! Here we are- as I said- in week two and we are talking small- small batch/ capsule wardrobes/ indie designers/ handmade/ living with less- you get the idea. Since I have written quite a bit about my handmade wardrobe I thought I would share a few of my favourite small batch/ indie designers that-in addition to my handmade wardrobe- are amongst some of the hardest working items in my closet.

        I do still shop but these days my store bought purchases tend to be fewer and further apart. They tend to be higher quality which generally means a bit more expensive but when I consider the hands making my clothes are able to make a living I think it's worth while. it's important to me that the pre made items I do purchase are going to last- that they are timeless- and will last many seasons.

       One of my favourite brands is Uzi NYC- I love their clothes- they are beautifully made and last forever! Most days you can spot me in one of two Uzi tops, my thrifted Levis and my Birks- I could live forever in this outfit! Along with my trusty Ghanian basket- I purchased this in the spring from Three Bags Full and it has been life changing!

          Living in the Pacific Northwest one of my biggest struggles has always been the weather- so October for me is usually poncho season- mine is from a local company Granted Clothing. I love Granted- they make the loveliest of Cowichan knit sweaters imaginable! In our often unreliable climate we needs fibres that can breath and still repeal a little water if it happens* to start to rain. Sun one minute rain the next- welcome to Vancouver- if you don't like the weather wait five minutes!

        Now shoes- my favourite- I love a good pair of shoes and these boots above are my oldies but goodies- these are the boots that make my look complete- feel good on my feet and stay dry. John Fluevog knows a thing or two about footwear- these have lasted almost eight years! I think sourcing sustainable footwear can be tricky- especially when you need something hardwearing and water proof(ish). For me finding something with timeless appeal that is built to last is the key to reasonable sustainability in this department.

     As previously mentioned living in a small apartment means we naturally need to keep our clothes to a minimum- over the years we have gotten better at reducing to create a simpler life. As things no longer serve a purpose they are given away and not replaced- creating an emptiness to be filled with nothing more than living. Stepping out of the rat race of keeping up with the latest trends has been pretty revolutionary and life changing for me- I've learned to trust my taste and cultivate my own style and somewhere along the way I've gotten excited about fashion again!

*rain always happens- it's inevitable in Vancouver!

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  1. I NEED to capsule my wardrobe, but with an ever changing figure, ugh. (also, I'm pregnant, again, with twins.... I'll send you an email!)


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