Friday, September 18, 2015

Year Of Making: The Hayward Sweater

           Remember like months ago I started knitting myself a sweater- and it seemed to be taking forever? Even though all the knitting experts surrounding me assured me this is totally normal I couldn't help but think it was slow going- and then I took a ceramics class and the knitting went even slower! Well good news! Seven months after I started on this journey to knit myself a function able sweater that fit me I have completed my task!

           This sweater is a sum of it's journeys- it has traveled with me back and forth to the Okanagan all summer- it has been to the Painted Hills- it has been to Portland. Part of this sweater comes from Victoria! Knit into the fibres of this sweater are my fears- left by the wayside- I have come out the other side warmer and much more confident. Knit into the fibres of this sweater are deep talks on the road with my partner in crime- three seasons of laughter- and a lot of wabi sabi character- I am learning to let go of perfection.

        I will admit I am super proud of my first attempt at a hand knit sweater- I feel I am a bit further down my slow fashion path- this is knit with intention and care- it was not purchased haphazardly off a clearance rack. This sweater was knit by my hands and no other- the fibres traveled a very short distance- this is a sustainable garment- a fact that like knowing where my food comes from is growing increasingly important to me.

      As the days grow dark and rainy- my thoughts turn inward towards nursing my family once again and I am so pleased to be starting yet anther knitting project- this one a bit smaller for Miss Lo. My list of skills keeps growing and something I was once scared of is now like an old friend. Ummm also the yarn- hello new obsession!

         Friends it's Friday again! I know I always act so shocked when Friday rolls around but the fact of the matter lies that these weeks and months fly by just far too fast! This weekend we are staying at the Coast- tucking in and taking it slow. Happiness and Sunshine always dear Friends!

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  1. Awesome!! I have knit so much, yet to I still haven't tackled a sweater for myself, props to you girl... perhaps this will be my year!! ;)


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