Monday, September 21, 2015

Year Of Making: Birthday Dress

            Last month when my girly turned six all she wanted was a nightgown- this is something I can do I thought to myself. In my mind I had a fixed image of the nigh gowns my sister and I used to wear in the summer heat- light and airy- slightly old fashioned. It was with this vision firmly planted that I dove into my fabric stash to see what I could come up with- voila a metre of organic cotton from Maiwa was produced as was the perfect antique collar for at the neck.

            When birthday morning rolled around and my newly minted six year old opened her package she was pretty happy and quickly declared that this frock was too pretty to be saved for bed time- and I have to agree. This lightweight, simple shift was perfect for the end days of summer! I took these photos the last time we were in Peachland- the Okanagan sunshine streaming down on our shoulders- catching in her hair as our bare toes sunk into the dewy morning garden.

         One week into our rainy season and we are already missing these easy days of the summer season- no jackets or socks or even shoes were needed. So with cooler days the birthday dress has become a birthday nightgown- sunshine tucked into the seams to keep my girlys heart warm through the rain!

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