Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On Our Bookshelf

          I realized that I have yet to share any summer reads- of which there have been many! A clear favourite is this lovely little story book Miss Lo received from her wee friend for her birthday- this story was clearly chosen just for her & I but the entire family enjoys it. Up In The Garden- Down In The Dirt by Kate Messner is a joy to read as well as just sit and par use the drawings.

          The story covers all of the seasons from planning in the spring to putting the garden to bed in the fall- it shows all the creatures great and small that make a garden such a diverse ecosystem. My Littles can relate to all the story lines in the book- from weather to bugs they dig it all.

        I will admit I want to live in this story- the illustrations are glorious and the words lyrical- plus gardens. A big thank you to our friends for introducing us to a new favourite- you know us so well!

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