Thursday, September 10, 2015

In The Studio

          These days quite a bit of my studio time has been spent on creating practical items- mostly for the family but specifically for one small girl's 6th birthday. I can't claim at all to have thought up this super great whale of a purse- I snaked the idea from Junkaholique's blog- I thought this was the perfect purse for my girlie's big day. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined!

        Sewn from some gorgeous 100% wool felt, a small scrap of indigo dyed fabric and a neon pink zipper. This is the perfect bag for a girl who isn't precious- a girl who is slightly outside the box when it comes to fashion and attitude. A West Coast whale for my West Coast girl.

        For me there is no sewing more satisfying that sewing for my babies- making something with my hands that I know they will use and love. For me sewing for my family is another form of nourishment- feeding them all the love that they could possibly need.  These days my sewing time is limited which makes little bits and bobs like these all the more special to me. And hopefully to them as well!

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