Friday, August 28, 2015

Life Lately

           Life lately has included lots of cousins- all of the cousins to be precise- with all of our trips back and forth between the Okanagan and the Coast we have put in some major family time this summer- which is just the way we like it! It is becoming a bit of a family tradition that towards the end of August my sister and her family visit us- we do some back to school shopping, have a pizza party by the pool at a swanky hotel and usually go on some sort of wholesome excursion organized by Aunty Sharilyn. Thats just how we role- equal parts mainstream and unplugged- each Aunty providing some other valuable life lesson or colour into our Little's lives.

          This kid lately never stops surprising me- he is pushing his boundaries like no tomorrow- worrying about things that should have no place in childhood- like illness and people leaving. We are doing our best as a family to be honest with him and support his fears and worries but man is this kid ever a worry wort! This boy of mine is more intuitive than I give him credit for.

         Life lately for this kid has her wanting to blend- blend in with the crowd- with what all the other kids are doing- she wants to wear pink. I worry- too much perhaps- but I don't want her unique spirit disappearing just as it begins taking flight- I feel we will have to fight for her individuality in a world of sameness. Maybe I am worrying about things that don't exist- maybe I shouldn't push for either of my kids to be different- maybe I should let them be the same. But then again why be normal?

          So all of these things are happening as we traipse through the fields- in the late summer sunshine with our cousins. For a brief point in time everything is OK- and we know that as long as we travel along with this small band of misfits everything really will be fine. The children are growing and changing- and the adults at this point are only along for the ride- pass the fine boxed wine. Traditions are being made and for the most part life lately- for us- is all about feeling loved.

      Friends it is Friday once again- if you need me I will be doing the more serious back to school shopping which for some twisted reason involves a trip to the fabric store because lets face it- I have sewing to do! Also wine- pass the wine! Much love and happiness friends- Happy Friday!

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