Friday, September 11, 2015

These Days

            These days we are starting to notice darker days creeping in- that sly fall wind is blowing in from the hills and with it more rain than we have seen in months- the land is happy- the people miss the sunshine! School is back in and the Littles are complaining about new bed times and our old school routines. Recently we spent a final weekend in the Okanagan with the cousins and Grandparents to celebrate the end of Summer- scooting beside the lake that we love and roasting marshmallows and racing through the twilight.

           The garden at my parent's is yielding up the last of the harvest- the tomatoes are in as are the prolific tomatillos. While our family enjoys all this garden has to offer up I still dream of a day that we will have a garden of our own- be able to grow our own groceries. So much beauty to be found down in the garden these days it's impossible to stop looking.

        There is nothing better than watching our babies moving in a pack with their cousins- making the most precious of memories. Watching these kids grow over the past 2 months has been such a joy- watching their relationships evolve- watching them all figure things out. This is what being part of a family is all about.

          While we put this season to bed I reluctant to embrace shorter yet busier days- I will miss swimming in a tepid lake, eating ice cream for dinner and bbqs with friends. This is the stuff Summer is made for and of. What I do look forward to is tucking into our home- turning the heart to the hearth and getting back into the swing of making things. Summer might be over but Fall is peeking right around the corner!

Friends it is Friday- we are headed up to the Okanagan yet again- to the North this time- I am looking forward to tucking into a fine box of wine and playing with some new wool- may your hearts be warm and your feet be dry friends- Happy Friday!

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