Friday, June 26, 2015

In The Studio

        These days I am completely obsessed with the statement necklace- but not any statement necklace- the handmade- chunky bead variety. So it was only natural that I would start to make them myself at the studio- the bigger the better! I'm totally loving how these beads are turning out- especially when pared with some chunky indigo dyed cotton rope. I'm feeling super inspired by my surroundings these days and it's indigo for days- blue on blue on blue! The perfect pallet for these balmy summer days!

      Friends it's Friday again- the days are just flying by so swiftly I can barely contain myself. This weekend we are hoping for a chilled out couple of days- so if you need me you can find me dockside with a fine glass of boxed wine! Happiness and Sunshine always Friends!

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