Friday, May 15, 2015

Victoria With Kids

          A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to swap our city for another- we hopped on a ferry and headed to our Province's capital- Victoria. We have some dear friends who have recently moved there and so it was only natural that we pay a visit once they were nicely settled. The ferry ride alone is still such a novelty for us and this one was especially memorable as we saw several whales, sea lions and allegedly a baby dolphin- the weather was perfect and we could not have asked for a more relaxing crossing. The wonderful thing about being on the ferry is that once you are on board there is literally nothing to do for a solid hour and a half but to sit back and relax- a great way to start a weekend away.

           We realized that the Mr. and I have not actually been to Victoria since before we had the kids- up island yes but to Victoria no. We were so excited to see so many changes have taken place downtown- lots of new shops and restaurants to explore. First stop for us was the Moss Street Farmer's market for salmon burgers and cider! With our bellies full we checked into our hotel and met up with our friends again- we headed down to the water to take in the classic touristy sights- low and behold we ran into our next door neighbours- proof that this is indeed a small world!

        Looking at a city through fresh eye with kids in tow is so much different than visiting a place as a single couple. Gone are the days of luxuriously sleeping late in a hotel room- our Littles were up and at em bright and early- ready for breakfast and ready to explore. Hunting down an inexpensive but yummy breakfast was not too hard. We headed to QV Bakery and Cafe- breakfast comes in at $5.00 each with lots to chose from- in a converted gas station the restaurant was just the kind of funky ease we needed. Plus the coffees were massive!

          Sunday morning we followed our friends to Beacon Hill Park- I think that if you have kids this is a must visit spot- the playground is good- so very good! Lots of space to run around in- trees to hide in- just lots of space to play. We paid a visit to the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo- admission is by donation- this is such a beautiful little farm. Full of peacocks- strutting their stuff around the grounds- up on buildings and in trees- their calls sounded prehistoric. The Littles all loved brushing the goats- who were super friendly!

           I think my favourite park of the day was when we followed a magical little trail- through the tall grass- a field full of wildflowers- up a hill to behold the most spectacular view of the ocean. We all leisurely wandered- letting the Littles set the pace- my girl of course stopping to pick as many wildflowers as she could possibly get away with. It was a moment of peace- nothing to do but just be in the moment- no where to go- just enjoying the sun on our shoulders and the company of good friends.

            Of course after such a morning of activity- fresh air and sunshine our tummys needed attending. The best part about hanging with locals is they know all the great spots to eat. Just on the outskirts of Beacon Hill Park is a great little spot- the Beacon Drive In- yummy sandwiches, corn dogs and of course the best soft serve ice cream! 

         Of course even the most wonderful of weekends must come to an end- heading home is just as relaxing as heading out at the start of our weekend. Once again on the ferry there is nothing to do but sit and relax- Momma sits in the sunshine and knits- the Littles and Mr. head to the arcade- everyone is happy. This visit to Victoria was so very different than any other time we have been there- seeing a city through the fresh eyes of our Littles was so fun! There are- of course- so many more things to see and do in Victoria with kids- we have only scratched the surface- until next time these memories will tide us over!

    Friends it is Friday again today- and the long weekend here in B.C.- we will be hitting the hiking trains- celebrating friend's birthdays and hopefully enjoying some fine boxed wine! Happiness and Sunshine always- Happy Friday Friends!

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