Thursday, May 14, 2015

From Scratch: Toothpaste

      In my quest for a simpler and more basic life I have made the big switch from conventional store bought toothpaste to- wait for it- home made toothpaste. Yes I have gone over to the other side and while this is most definitely not for everyone's pallet I have grown to enjoy it. With home made toothpaste there is no leftover cloying sweetness- no weird bubbly foam running down my arm- just fresh breath that stays with me all day.

     There are of course many health benefits to using homemade toothpaste- many health benefits to avoiding store bought- but my intention here is not to create a polarizing argument with my parents- who paid for years of dental work. One key point that I will point out is that this toothpaste is so inexpensive to make- like pennies to make. Also the environmental benefits cannot be denied- this is almost a zero waste product. Plus the clay is really good for you!

The Goods:

2 Tbsp bentonite clay
2-4 Tbsp of boiled or distilled water
4 drops of tea tree oil
5 drops of liquid stevia
10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil
a pinch of real salt

The Deal:

Combine clay with 2 Tbsp water in a non metal bowl- stir with a non metal spoon (I used a popsicle stick)

Add tea tree oil, stevia and 10 drops of peppermint oil- mix well

add salt and test the taste- adjust taste one drop at a time- you can add in more water at this time as well- going slowly

Be sure to store toothpaste in a jar with a glass or plastic lid- the toothpaste will dry out over time so be sure to keep it covered up when not in use!

Side Note:

Thieves Oil is great in place of Peppermint oil- perfect for cold and flu season

The addition of a few drops of colloidal silver is a great way to fight against periodontal disease- as a natural antibiotic colloidal silver fights bacterial pockets and helps fight the battle against cavities

Full Disclosure: I am in no way a Doctor - this is a recipe that I found to work well. You can also visit the Soap Dispensary to purchase a re-fillable toothpaste with many of the same ingredients. I also want to note that I am the only person in my family that actually likes this toothpaste- our kids still use Nature's Gate.

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  1. I wonder if I should try this. We actually have all of it in our cupboards right now, except for the stevia. :) We use a natural toothpaste, but this might be better. Of course getting everyone on board could be difficult!


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