Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thrifted Thursday!

       For me thrifting isn't about individual scores any longer- its still about the thrill of the hunt but over the last little while I have been refining my entire wardrobe. So it only follows that instead of thrifting willy nilly I now thrift with a keen eye to my over all look- I am creating a capsule wardrobe with in my own closet. Paring things down to a look or aesthetic has really helped with impulse purchases that end up just heading back to the thrift shop- saving me money- time and most of all emotional energy.

      This entire outfit- except for the socks which I stole from my son and the pin which is from Dress sew- is thrifted. The fantastic heavy knit vintage cardigan was found on Gabriola Island by a friend of mine at the recycling depot- it has been my go- to staple since she gifted it to me- the perfect weight for this time of year and its a wonderful shape. The little brown bag I blogged about last summer- again this is one of those pieces that is always in use. The linen dress and Birkenstock clogs- those are my newly thrifted treasures from over the weekend!

       Someone said to me yesterday that I must have a thrifting fairy sitting on my shoulder- I think she was right. These clogs are possibly my best score of the year- they were something I was going to buy new anyways but just hadn't gotten around to it yet- then into my life the land! That's the best part about thrifting- you never know what your going to come home with!


  1. Ahhh, I see you DO have a Thrifting Fairy! The whole outfit looks great!

    1. Possibly! Some days the thrifting is great- others not so much- maybe I have a part time Thrifting Fairy!


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