Friday, May 1, 2015


        I don't know if you guys know this about me but I really like cacti- cactussssss! I am a little bit obsessed- so I was plenty stoked when I bartered a trade for this awesome tiny cactus painting with artist Annalise Carlacci. Currently Annalise is working on a whole line of tiny paintings- her miniatures are awesome! Check out more of her work over on her web site- be sure to have a gander at the Star wars print- which can also be ordered on t-shirts- perfect for Father's Day!

Website- Annalise Carlacci 
Etsy- Annalise Carlacci Art

     Friends it is Friday- and while I may have been a bit absent over the past few weeks in this space it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking up a million bagillion stories to share- please be patient while I figure out this whole work- life thing! And just be comforted in knowing that while I may not be bringing my witty repartee to this space I am still somewhere out there swilling fine boxed wine and thinking of you all! Happy Friday Friends!

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