Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Year Of Making

        My year of making is marching on- so many projects and so little time! Often I will finish a project and it won't even make and appearance here because I am faced with a decision- blog or make more things- so these days blogging is losing out! At any rate I thought I would offer an update on the sweater I started knitting back at the beginning of February- yes I have been knitting this for almost three entire months- turns out I am an extremely slow knitter- and also all the other projects are just getting in the way!

         Currently I have the back panel finished and the front panel approaching the halfway mark- as mentioned I am a very slow knitter- or perhaps I am easily distracted- squirrel- but every time I sit down to knit even a coupe of rows I can see the final garment- I can see the end! The end might be sometime this summer- I may be wearing this sweater next fall ad I am OK with that- this is definitely a garment from the slow fashion movement.

        Last fall I had a very specific sweater in mind that I wanted- but every where I looked were cheap items made over seas. The beautiful ethically made sweaters were priced way out of my budget- and I understand why- hand knitted sweaters are worth every penny. For me this ethical dilemma was what drove me to start my first large scale knitting project- and happily even if I just look at my basket sitting by the couch I feel like I am part of the solution. So while our days might be warming up I know one day soon this sweater will be finished and worn every single chilly day possible!

       And also how could I not add these beauties at the end- we are at the tail end of the blossom season here in Vancouver but these are just so glorious! Our school yard looks like a magical floral land with trees bursting with colour- of course this also means that my girl needs to stop and collect all the flowers on our walk home.

PS also can I just say that friends who special deliver yarn are theeee best! Thank you Andrea!


  1. That's going to be one gorgeous sweater!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Its slow going but I am looking forward to wearing it this fall :)


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