Thursday, April 9, 2015

In the Studio

         Since returning to work full time it has become abundantly clear that there are not enough hours in the day to fit in all the things I love to do- sitting around coffee shops scarfing back buttery pastries while knitting and chatting for hours on end is a rare occurrence these days! I am becoming much more mindful of how I spend my downtime- the hours after school becoming my favourite part of our day. Long walks home in the sunshine or short dashes through the rain- as long as I have one Little on each of my paws I am a happy Momma! These afternoon hours are becoming sacred to me- to us.

          Of course a part of me would be missing if a portion of my day was not spent being creative and making things- since my time is tight I have taken to spending and hour here or there working in my sketch book. Spurred on by the Opus Daily Practice in February I have kept going- or should I say we have kept going because painting right along side me is my girl. We have started painting together in what has rapidly become another family sketch book- which is great fun- my girl on one side and I on the other- elbow to elbow- passing the brushes and paints back and forth.

            It is such a treat to work beside her- a language of colour and shape happening where no words are necessary. In the sunshine- out on the deck we sit- our portable studio- ready at a moment's notice. After a fast and furious day at work slowing down and just being is just the thing I need- filling my soul up- the exhale of breath that has been held all day. My girly at my side.

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