Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Year of Making:Ceramics Part 2

          A few weeks ago I wrote about the ceramics class I have been taking- I showed a sneak peek at some things I was working on- those things are now glazed- fired and in daily rotation. Our class has drawn to an end and after much practice and a few successes I have decided to continue on with my adventures in clay. Once I got the hang of things throwing things on the wheel became quite addictive- I love that something that started out as a clump of clay was turned into a functional object- by my own hands. I am now a member of the clay studio- much excitement!

            Over the past month I have learned to slow down- that creating in all mediums does not need to come naturally- some things need to be learned. There were many times in the beginning when I truly thought of throwing in the towel- not going back to class- I was intimidated and didn't want to fail- once I got over myself and just relaxed thing started to work. For me starting a new job this month was pretty intense and so being able to sit down at the wheel and just kind of zone out really helped. Some people jog- I apparently make vessels out of clay!

          Going forward I am excited to start replacing mugs and bowls that have no meaning to me- big box store items that were bought in a moment of necessity- are no longer needed. My plan to fill our home with meaningful- hard working- beautiful objects looks like it is actually obtainable. Slowing down and curating our space in a world that often feels out of control in something I need right now- focusing on the beauty of imperfection- made by my own hand.

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  1. Sharilyn, that's so wonderful and inspiring! Your new clay creations look great!


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