Friday, April 10, 2015

Away We Go

           The long wait is over- our Summer travel season has officially started- last weekend we hit the road in our fully loaded van- headed to the Okanagan for an Easter visit with our family- mostly though it was a weekend for the Grandparents. The stretch of time between Christmas and Easter was so long- I know everyone felt the pull of family- missing each other- missing the connections we have- the need of parents to hug their children.

           And I have missed my mountains- my dear rolling hills with the lake nestled at the bottom of the valley- I have missed seeing the moon come up and traverse across the inky Okanagan skies. My heart will always be there- I never feel complete if I am away overly long. Even after thirteen years a person can be home sick

       The weekend was full of cousins and laughter- hot dogs on the campfire and all the fresh air one could possibly ask for.  Trees were climbed and the park across the street from Oma and Opa's visited a few times. We dug in the dirt- readying the planters for when we return- plans were made and lists mentally started. The Littles have some big plans for their Oma's garden- they have seeds already started in little pots on our window sill- we will bring our city plants all the way to the Okanagan and watch them grow all Summer long.

         Last weekend was just a taste of the Summer season to come- all the way home we chatted and planned out all the places we wish to explore this year. A lengthy list with lots of trips home to be balanced out by lots of camping on the Coast- so many places we have yet to go! My wanderlust is kicking in- I am wanting to just throw my gear in a backpack and go- head on out the door for whatever comes our way!

Dear Friends it is Friday- I have no idea where the days are flying away to- I am hoping to settle into a more regular blogging routine once again but for now please bear with me until I get things figured out! For now my weekend wish for you is a cold glass of wine fresh from the old cask and sunshine in your heart! Happy Friday Friends!

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