Monday, February 16, 2015

My Birthday Post

       I just want to preface this post by saying that it was my birthday yesterday- my parents insisted that they write a bog post to me on my day. Normally I am not interested in this sort of attention- but this was important to them so I agreed to post their letter. Also- because I know they will read this- they had better write a similar letter to my sister who also just had her birthday!!!

       Peachland, BC

February 11, 2015

          Our daughter Sharilyn has written birthday blogs for each of her children on their birthdays. She said in her recent birthday blog to her son, our grandson, that she can’t believe that she has a son, not so little who just recently had his seventh birthday. Sharilyn your parents are often surprised when they sit back and realize that both their daughters have seen their thirtieth birthdays in the review mirror for some time now and have growing families of their own.

         Here we are, the proud parents of a daughter who has always made us proud and often surprises us with the things that she can and does accomplish.  Looking through all of the pictures of Sharilyn at different times in her life of adventures various personal glimpses come to mind. Her first ice cream cone, at less than a year old in Ocean Falls. Remembering her in the canoe while Dad is fishing and also her racing through the neighborhood on Pineridge Road with a bunch of kids following her. We left her alone to babysit the house for two weeks with a friend while we were on a trip to Ontario. Imagine her surprise when we came through the door a day early. 

         Sharilyn has always had an enthusiasm for doing and making things. From the time she could walk she always had to carry a bag with, in the early days some kind of a toy and in later years a book or craft or both. Sharilyn tagged along with Dad on his Saturday errands and learned to color, sew and many other things with her Mom. Girl Guides was a big deal for her. When she got to Art College dad was often tasked with helping on projects like stretchers for frames, and a huge display box for one of her installations. This required a Saturday at the college with woodworking tools, glue, drills and such. 

         We saw Sharilyn grow and develop from a happy sunny little girl into the wonderful person that  she is today. She enjoys everything she does especially when being creative. Parents often wonder what children will become as they grow older. We have had many laughs and fewer tears during this process and admire and appreciate the person she has become. Our daughter as a parent is trying to give her children the enjoyment of the things she likes to do as well as an appreciation of the outdoors. 

         The one main constant in our daughter’s life has always been her family, including the one she came from and her own that she and Mark have built together. She used to write her grandparents telling them her experiences. One time she spent six months taking quite a few pictures around Vancouver and then sent a collection of them along with an explanation to her grandfather in Ontario. The result was that when he was downsizing he gave all of his camera equipment to her. Being the person she is has given her rewards she never expected. 

         Sharilyn without getting too gushy Happy Birthday. It has been a wonderful experience watching you develop into the person you are even if we can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. We love you and think of you all the time.

Love Mom and Dad

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  1. Sharilyn, Happy Birthday! What a gorgeous, lovely post from your parents! That is a special Birthday present!

    ps Your daughter looks just like you!


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