Thursday, February 5, 2015

Year Of Making

          My year of making is well under way- so much knitting to do- I am at this point fully and completely addicted! This little bit of knitting just came off the needles- it is to be a gift for a special little friend who is about to turn two. My girly- who agreed to pose for me- has decided she needs a matching knitted tie- good thing this was such an easy knit.

         Years ago I had spotted a lovely little knit tie gracing the pages of the beloved but now defunct magazine Organic Life. The memory of that adorable small piece of knitting has lingered over the years and so when faced with knitting a small birthday gift it immediately popped to mind. A quick search of the old Internets yielded a simple pattern from Martha Stewart- a day and a half later I finally had the perfect knitted neck tie.

         As I move forward with my knitting and making I have become even more mindful of where and how things are made- no longer does the sales rack interest me as I know those cheap deals come at a steep human and environmental cost. These days I look for classic- well made pieces- it is difficult to find pieces of textiles that are ethically made- that will stand the test of time. Even small acts of hand making- like this small knitting project- will add up over the course of the year- like drops into an ocean- into big change!


  1. That scarf is adorable! I have bookmarked the MS site and will see about making one this year!

    1. Melissa- this pattern is dead easy- I shortened it by a couple of inches because it's for a child but the whole thing only took a couple of hours!


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