Friday, February 6, 2015

Seven Years Old!

        This morning we are waking up the parents of a seven year old- our boy is seven- seven! When the heck did that happen? It really feels just like yesterday that we were setting out on this journey- bringing him home from the hospital- scrambling to buy things like diapers because he arrived two weeks early. I remember the first morning on our own- waking up- tucking him into his brand new- clean and tidy stroller- waddling down the street and feeling so proud- and still sore- but mostly proud that we had this wee man to call our own. No the days are going by far too quickly.

       This past year he has grown so much- in leaps and bounds- learning so many things- stumbling time and again but always getting back up- cause we are a stubborn bunch like that! This year marked the first year of independent swimming- a pretty big deal for all of us.  Reluctant reader- numbers wiz. It has been established that he is an avid hockey fan- but only for the Canucks. Football is OK. Minecraft is the best. New friendships have been made- with loyalties and subsequent hurts running deep- learning what it means to be a good friend- beyond sharing and not hitting.

       He is my oldest- my heart- I never knew a love like this until I became his mother. As he takes his tentative solo steps along this path- we are close behind but trying our best to give him a tiny bit of space- some freedom to grow. Seven is the age of friendship- boys being boys- dirty- wormy boys- and while the urge is still so strong in me to remind him to wash his hands after making mud or straighten his shirt I won't- I will just let him be. When we get home at night and everyone is freshly washed from bath time- I will snuggle him a little longer- tuck him under my wing a little closer for these days I know are numbered.

       So to my not so little guy- Happy Birthday- welcome to SEVEN!

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  1. I smile as I read this post. Happy seventh birthday to your sweet boy!


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