Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Plant Babies

          This time of year always has me itching to grow something- to be out on our deck- digging in the dirt. While it's still to early to really do much of anything but sip a cuppa tea out there right now- inside on our window sill is a different story! So to begin with I have a couple of new plant babies that came home with me the other day- some beautiful baby succulents and a tiny- wee air plant.

           A little bit of fresh green is exactly what was needed to brighten up our space-some colour to offset all the grey happening outdoors! Not a lot of money needs to be spent to update or refresh a home- sometimes something as simple as a plant or fresh flowers is all that is needed until the larger picture can be addressed. We have some big plans for this Spring- for this space- I'm ever so excited thinking about paint colours and new bedding for all.

          We have lived in this apartment for just about four years now- moving here was like coming home- this is the space that our babies turned into kids- we have become part of a wonderful community. While we have always dreamed of moving to the country- to a home with space to roam - something transformative has happened over the past year or so. Our urge to stay put-  and put down roots here- have grown stronger- largely in part to our fantastic group of friends. And so a space that was supposed to be temporary is now looking more permanent- somewhere among the way this place has become our home!

       All this deep- introspection to say that until we have time to paint and fluff up this apartment my new plant babies will do the trick! A simple little splurge that came in at under ten dollars has brought me a modicum of joy- my new plant babies happily nestled into their new pots bring the promise of change into this temporary space- turning a bit more permanent!


  1. Sharilyn, it looks like you have a nice wide window ledge for plants! It is great to get some greenery to perk up the grey February days. Have you considered an orchid?

    It looks like you live downtown. Wonderful that you have found a great community of friends.

    1. I was just thinking of getting an orchid! They are so beautiful!

      Yes we do live downtown- in Gastown- right in the heart of the busy busy city!


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