Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mid Winter

           We are approaching the half way mark of the school year- yesterday marked Imbolic- or St Brigid's Day- harbinger of Spring- light and new beginnings. In Vancouver the mist hung heavily- occasionally turning to rain- a softer- less harsh rain that even a few weeks ago. I feel a sigh of relief these mornings when I open the window to a warmer breeze- my heart keeps as I spot the early cherry blossoms and crocuses- Spring is surely on it's way.

      For our family it is the beginning of Birthday month- so many February babies- a family of Aquarians- full of creativity and chaos! There are secrets lingering in every corner of our apartment- drawings and cards are being made- surprises and gifts are being squirrelled away. Birthday month- coming so quickly on the heals of Christmas- is a much more frivolous- a celebration of each individual- handmade- thoughtful and- although increasingly more difficult- we try to keep things simple.

          For me Mid Winter is a time of planning- a time to lie quiet and connect with friends and myself- which is just what I did yesterday. Plans were laid with dear friends to meet at one of our favourite cafes- Le Marche St. George- children were dropped off at school- walking shoes laced up. I have been drinking mostly tea for the past month and so I celebrated with a large latte- I think my relationship with coffee has found a goodly balance. Sitting down with that big bowl of frothy milk and espresso was practically a religious experience for me- I enjoyed every second- second only to my almond croissant!

         Once all the coffee and rests were long gone- the conversation still tumbling about we buttoned up and headed out to brave the elements- a wander down Main Street is a must- stopping at all of our favourite shops. Yarn was purchased for small gifts- dried herbs and florals were acquired for a bath preparation- small succulents were selected and tucked into our shopping totes. There really is nothing quite like a completely ordinary day made extraordinary by the company of good company- and a huge latte! February started out pretty spectacularly- heres hoping the rest of Birthday Month follows suit!

* Also thank you to friend Erin Fowler for the first picture at the start of the post- Le Marche in all it's misty glory!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful outing. I've never been to that cafe so have added that to my list to visit! It's wonderful that your family is full of "makers" and it sounds like birthday celebrations will be special ones.

    I'm off to check out your other posts. I've been hibernating.

    1. Oh Le Marche is so good- they do a pop up shop twice a year and bring in tonnes of amazing goods- well worth checking out! Also they not only make a fantastic latte- they make hands down the best London Fog I have ever had!

  2. I love how your birthday month is on the heals of Christmas. Heals, like recovery. (I know what you meant, but I really love the alternative too.)

    1. Ha! OK to be fair there haven't been a tonne of spelling errors lately- this one slipped through!


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