Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thrifted Thursday

          These crisp days are probably my favourite fall weather- cold and crisp and sunny- no rain- which means bring on the layers of wool! Wearing wool on the west or wet coast has it's merits but it also has it's draw backs- usually my wool is worn in layers- topped off with waterproof rain gear. These days it's the wool thats the star of the show- so many good outfits to be seen- layers of sweaters and scarves- not to mention all the great boots that have been spotted lately! Not a speck of rain wear to be spotted!

          On a recent trip to good old Value Village I happened across this vintage Alia wool plain topper- now I realize the risk associated with such a brand- it is easy to venture into crazy cat lady territory when sporting Alia! To keep this cute topper youthful I'm pairing it with my ever present dramatically cuffed boyfriend jeans and some basic desert boots. This light weight yet warm jacket is the perfect thing to throw on for school pick up or to run out for milk. Functional for my Mom duties yet still cool enough for me to channel my inner beatnik!

P.S. yes I am growing out my hair- again- and yes it is a bird's nest these days so thank heavens for hat season!

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