Friday, November 21, 2014

Nature Babes: Admiralty Point

          Recently our family headed out to  Admiralty Point in Belcarra Regional Park- we had never explored this part of the Lower Mainland and were excited to check out a new to us area. In addition to the weather knocking it out of the park that day our Littles were in a particularly good mood- we thought to take advantage of the situation and try for some family photos worthy of our annual Christmas card. The conditions could not have been better- getting these two hooligans to co-operate was another story though as they were obviously more interested in exploring that photo taking-  and understandably so!

         With so many great spots to check out Belcarra Park is a real hidden gem- popular with crab fishers and boaters as well as picnickers- even on a freezing cold day in November the picnic shelters were booked and the park was abundant with families enjoying the non- rain weather. We first explored the pier as well as the adjacent tidal pools and beach- the water was crystal clear and we could see crabs scuttling across the floor of the ocean.

          It was soon established that the photo taking on the beach was not going to happen- it was windy and very cold so we headed for one of the many trails- we chose the Jug Island trail- which turned out to be much longer than anticipated! The Littles did it though- with plenty of flora and fauna to keep their attention we hiked the 6 kms out to the beach at Jug Island. After a short rest and some snacks we headed back towards the car- another 6 kms but the kiddos managed it under their own steam.

           Miss Lo has decided she might like to be a blogger like Momma and is now obsessed with taking pictures- I think her and I stopped every five feet to photograph the abundant mushrooms growing near the side of the trail. Side note- on my wish list is a book on mushroom identification- I had no idea what any of these were called and my answers to her questions were severely lacking!

         By the time we got back to the truck we were all totally done- the hike combined with the fresh, cold air was just what we all needed. Somewhere along the trail we all let go of our worries and just soaked in our surroundings- the quiet- the colours- each other. As our little family gets busier we need days like this desperately- like the air that we breath -we need the forest.

PS- a big thank you to Anna from Kids Unplugged for blogging about this gem of a park!

     Friends it is Friday again- if you aren't too busy Elving it up then I encourage you all to get outside and explore- adventure is out there! Much love- Happy Friday Friends!

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