Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Maker's Series: Mary Kim Ceramics and Paintings

        With my mind wondering more and more to gift giving I thought today's local maker should be Mum of two and maker of all things imaginative Mary Kim. Mary's work is very illustrative and she has over the years created everything from one off zines, super cool patches, colouring sets to her colourful and fun ceramics. This year Mary has come out with mini mugs- perfect for little hands on a chilly days- my own Littles are each getting one in their stockings- sure to be used for many an after school hot chocolate!

       Mary's work has always interested me- I wondered where she got her inspiration from not to mention the illustrative nature that encompasses all of her work. Fortunatly for me Mary was gracious enough to answer a few of my questions as well share a few of her new designs! Born and raised in Calgary she attended the Alberta Collage of Art and Design followed by studies at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design in Halifax. Mary's ceramics and paintings clearly show her love of the off beat and quirky- from her monster shot glasses to special unicorn mugs!

In Mary's own words:

I started becoming interested in monsters when Tim Burton came out with Nightmare Before Christmas.
I like the friendly, smiley types, not so much the dark and scary ones. There's lots of darkness out there.

I also like the cute and fluffy things; having a three-year-old awakened a new found interest in little forest animals, things with hearts and stars, and pastel colours…..I'm okay with it. Maybe it's cheesy or corny, but I'm okay with that too.

        As for inspiration? Mary cites a number of influences- nature- flowers, leaves, bugs- artist Charley Harper, monsters- hairy, toothy, many eyed. Bears, cats, cartoons, comic books, children's books, wall paper design. It seems that Mary takes in the word around her and translates it into fantastical creatures that may or may not be lurking!

         Be sure to check out Mary's work in person at Ainsworth Design on Granville Island- found at 1243 Cartwright Street this little gallery may be tucked away off the beaten path but is chock full of handmade, local treasures- all things we love! You can also check in online with Ainsworth Design to see what other goodies might grab your eye- as well get all the deets on things like the upcoming ornament show- their Facebook page can be found here- Ainsworth Design.

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