Thursday, November 27, 2014

Some Knitting For A Small Being

          The requests for hand knits keep rolling in and I do the best that I can to follow through on my promises- of course when it comes to my own small girl requesting a new hat for the winter how could I resist! She is the bright spot in my winter- sporting head to toe pink this season it is unlikely I will misplace her. Now I myself am not a fan of pink- in fact I feel like far too much is marketed to girls by simply being pink. I have had to really duct tape my mouth shut when it comes to opposing the colour as my girl really- really likes it. This is about her not me- and for a five year old a colour like pink comes with zero connotations- no baggage with loving the colour pink for this kid!

        So I have started to refer to the shade as "watermelon" and when she decided she needed a hat to go with her new coat I knew I had just the wool in my stash- locally made in Chilliwack B.C. this is a yummy soft alpaca died with Logwood and Cochineal-  I bought it years ago at a farmer's market. I decided a little Keaton Hat was just the ticket for this magical wool- quick and easy to knit up- the shape is super simple- all topped off with a bit of fun!

         As much as I try to keep my Littles- well little- they just seem to keep growing- far too quickly for my taste! Looking back at this time last year my girl still napped and enjoyed being pushed around in the stroller- how it is that she walks to and from school each day with very little complaint I have no idea. While life moves pretty fast these days and children seem to be so savvy I feel it is my job to keep her little- to try and slow things down a bit- in the city especially I feel this slow life is a necessary foil.

       All this to say that my girl asked for a new pink hat and I made her one!

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