Tuesday, December 2, 2014


          December came in like a lamb yesterday- sunny and brisk but not unpleasant- the first day of December in Vancouver was nothing short of stellar. My girly had a bad cough and so she stayed home with me for the day- a real treat- I miss this kid now that she is in full day Kindergarten- which still seems very long to me. I miss my side kick- coffee date- thrifting partner- I'm so used to this girl being constantly by my side. I would venture to say that one of the downsides of being a stay at home mom is that perhaps we become too attached to our kids- a ridiculous notion I know but stick with me here- for the past six years my entire identity was wrapped up in my role as Mum. Relearning how to operate in this world without my babes constantly at my side has been hard.

         So yesterday when my Girl stayed home it was a real treat- throw in some sunshine and it was obvious we needed to bundle up and head outdoors- cold air is excellent for coughs you know. So we took a nice long walk exploring everything we possibly wanted- the frost- or skim of snow- was still enchanting and we had fun speculating where all the little animals are hiding. For me there really is nothing better than watching her excitement over small discoveries like bundles of leaves still stuck together or a frozen puddle that instantly turns into a skating rink. All echoes of every Canadians memories of winter.

          For us learning doesn't take a sick day- learning also doesn't just happen in the classroom- the city is fully of teachable moments if one just stops and takes a moment- the forest abounds with curiosities- the beach is a natural classroom. Any opportunity we get to expand on our children's world we snatch up like treasure- right now they still value our opinion- we are their biggest influence.

       The first of December was such a gift- the sunny weather and my Girl by my side- coffee with a dear friend and her babe- warm sunshine through a glass window followed by stinging cold on our cheeks outside- an easy day. I will treasure all the little moments from yesterday deep in my heart to see me through this hard week.


  1. awe! I understand what you mean though about sidekicks. I've been a little out of sorts since T started school, I loved our (American) Thanksgiving break because I've had all of my kids at home with me, it was nice!

    1. It's so difficult to let go- even a little bit!!


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