Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Makers Series: Plain Jane Designs

           I think I would be quiet remise if I neglected to share what I have been up to in the studio for this coming Holiday Season. This year looks quite a lot different from last- this time last year I was hustling on the craft market circuit- while it was quite rewarding it was also quiet stressful. What people possibly don't realize is that artists who are out trying to make a living are working in every spare moment they have- aside from the markets and shows there is the actual making of the work- which is where the love and the magic actually happens. You could say I was more than a little burnt out towards Christmas- this year I have stepped back- way back and it is great.

          This year I have been busy creating a handful of my favourite cards- getting back to what I truly love to do- the hands on making of one of a kind goods- each card is a small piece of art. These will be for sale over on my Plain Jane Facebook page and of course through email. Six large cards for $20.00. Six small cards for $12.00. Simple and easy- perfect to pair with a hostess gift- wonderful to send to someone you love who is far away.

         I think this past year people in Canada have slowed down on the act of mailing things- with increased postage fees the cost of sending a card is now around a dollar for a single piece of mail. I get that people find it difficult to invest in this kind of purchase. Which is such a shame- the act of choosing the perfect card- sitting down to think about what you want to convey and then popping all that love in the mail- it's becoming something of a lost art.

            I have this friend from university- when we both moved home- hello helicopter children- we sent each other mail- like actual physical mail- through the post. That connection with my friend was tangible evidence that somehow I was not alone- some where out there was a friend just as quirky as I was. Recently this friend- who again lives far away but in much warmer climes- has started sending me post cards again- this small act of friendship is so meaningful. It fills me with hope that people still know how to write a letter and not just emails or texts.

            So this is why I still make cards each year- there are people who would rather send a card though the mail- to say Merry Christmas- Happy Solstice- Happy Hanukkah- or even the mealy mouthed Happy Holidays. It makes my heart happy to know my art travels the world and makes people smile when they see a thick square shaped envelope- they know it's not a bill. This spirit still exists and so for at least one more year- in limited quantities I will offer up my cards. 

        So in closing- I would like to say that even if you don't buy Plain Jane cards- which are all hand made by me and sprinkled with unicorn dust in my magical studio- please think about reaching out to your friends and loved ones with a card- a post card- a warm Hello. There is something to be said for the nostalgia and security of an old fashioned Christmas card!

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