Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some Early Elving

             These days I am in full on Elving mode- for those of you unfamiliar with the term "Elving" it refers to the act of secretive Holiday making- as in "I am being like an elf and making gifts". So the yarn and needles are flying- much to my children's dismay I have taken up the prime spot on the couch next to our only lamp- gifts are being made- people are getting checked off my list! This year I am dedicated to either making gifts, buying from local makers or - and this is the only exception- buying art supplies to give as gifts- because gifts that foster creativity and anarchy are worth giving.

          I am working my way through my yarn stash- all these lovely hand dyed goodies that I have been hoarding away for the past few years- these glorious fibres are making their way onto my needles and soon onto the hands, feet, heads and necks of folks I love. Every time I sit and knit it becomes a meditation of the intended recipient of the item- each item becoming infused with love- something that you could never buy in a store. Shopping local is a passion of mine- supporting local makers and by extension supporting their passion is the right and good thing to do in my opinion. I think about all the wonderful folks who have supported me over the years and I want to pay that forward- I want to exist in a society that can support a slow, local, handmade market place.

        The early Elving I am sure has been entirely influenced by the frosty weather we have been experiencing on the West Coast these past weeks- with temperatures hovering around zero families have been scrambling to properly outfit their wee ones in as many insulating layers as possible. Buying winter wear is always a bit of a gamble when you live in Vancouver- our family usually begs and borrows enough winter gear for our annual trip to the ski hill and Christmas visit home- there usually is no point in buying winter coats. This year thats not the case and so after a quick trip to the local thrift shop both my babes are outfitted in practically brand new gear- add in some hand knit goodness and they are set to go! The frosty temperatures, darkening days, the snow capped mountains all make it feel like winter might actually be coming this year. Add in the set up of the annual German Christmas Market and all I want to do is hum carols and knit in front of the warm glow of the television. Christmas is coming people- be ready!

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