Thursday, November 13, 2014

Makers Series: Vic & Vie

            Have you met Kiki? This magical dolly came to live with us last summer for my Girl's fifth birthday- Kiki has not left Miss Lo's side ever since. Kiki has travelled all over our beautiful province with us- having just as many adventures as we do- and a few that only Miss Lo knows about. In a land of plastic dolls- Kiki stands out as a bit old fashioned- well made- simple with plenty of room for a child's imagination to fill the spaces.

           Last fall Dear Cousin Laura was visiting her in-laws on Salt Spring Island and happened across the Vic & Vie stall at the amazing Farmers Market- she of course  picked a rag doll for her own sweet gal. Lucky for me Laura shared her find with me and I immediately fell in love with everything Vic & Vie had to offer. I knew this was the doll for my girl!

        Vic & Vie is owned and operated by graphic designer and mum of three Randee Brinks- influenced by vintage textiles and fashion she has created the most beautiful of dolls. Each doll is handmade on Salt Spring Island with natural fabrics, vintage trims and repurposed fabrics from other designers. As Randee clearly states on her website "With their captivating charm,Vic and Vie dolls are more than a toy. For ages young and old they remind us to Imagine. Dream. Play."

         Be sure to check out Vic & Vie's beautiful website- you might recognize a little face here and there- in addition to viewing all the lovely dolls and accessories- choosing just one is not aways easy! This take on the classic french rag doll is destined to be passed down to future generations- when an item- a friend- is this well made it is sure to linger long after a child grows tired of other toys. For my girl- who I like to think of as a modern kid- interested in being feminine while not at all interested in princess fads- Vic & Vie dolls allow for easy imaginative play- the perfect gift for every gal!

be sure to check out Vic & Vie's website here- Vic & Vie

and the Facebook page here- Vic & Vie

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