Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Selfish Sewing

         Recently I treated myself to a couple of meters of dreamy Cotton & Steel fabric- remember last week when I shlepped through the rain and wind to my favourite sewing lounge Spool Of Thread? I simply could not resist this yummy criss crossed navy cotton- it fit in nicely with the handmade wardrobe I already have and although I had no idea what I would make with it I knew it would be good.

      Entre in my sewing time last Friday- I took one of my favourite loose tunics and drafted a pattern off of that- I like how it turned out but would definitely change the arms a bit- I'm not in love with how these tapered arms finished but they will do for now. I have been trying to make more sewing time for myself of late- which is tough when sewing for my Littles is just so much cuter! My new rule of thumb though is that I'm not making any spontaneous purchases- if I really want something I need to figure out if I can make it first- with the exception of jeans and shoes- always shoes!

       I'm loving how easy and breezy this tunic is- it really fits with almost everything from hiking boots and boyfriend jeans to ballet flats and skinny jeans- from the woods to the art shoppe this top is about to become one of my go- to staples. My wardrobe is slightly lacking these days- I am working hard to build myself an interesting and non- Mom uniform- easy basics that still reflect my creativity. I think it is easy to fall into boring basics- instead of reaching for my trusty grey t-shirt in the morning I can reach for this tunic instead!

PS- I had to take a picture of the frost- sure sign that winter is on the way!


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