Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembering and Adventuring

         Today is Remembrance Day and our family has so much to be thankful for- our family may or may not have a unique Canadian story- but it is ours and ours alone. These faces above-laughing- running- breathing joy are the result of two very different families coming together- one German and one Canadian- our babies are a result of wars fought- won and lost- of differences put behind and lives moving forward. We are so grateful and recognize what they all went through- either as Pilots like my Grandfather or children like my In laws. We recognize that we are free to do as we please and enjoy a very comfortable life because of all they sacrificed.

 What better way to celebrate all that we are grateful for than to spend our time together as a family- which is just what we did yesterday. With a pro development day for the Littles and the Mr. with the day off we headed out to one of our favourite spots- Terra Nova Rural Park- a 63 acre nature and adventure park perched on the edge of Richmond. This is not your average park- the multi million dollar adventure park is devoid of traditional cookie cutter play equipment- instead unique custom designed "natural" play equipment can be found. Rustic Log Booms and a three story tall tree house slide are popular features as are the 35 meter zip line which is of course a favourite with my own feral children.

          Set amongst some of Richmond's most spectacular scenery the Terra Nova Rural Park sits adjacent to a beautifully laid out community garden- walking amongst the trails- spotting Snow Geese and other migrating birds we could have easily stepped into a painting. It's hard to remember we are still in the heart of a major city- with exception of the occasional plane- all that fills the air are the happy screams of playing children.

           With every age group taken into account there really is something for everyone to do here- the meadow and sandbox for the toddlers- the more complicated activities for the big kids- plenty of picnic tables for me to sit at and knit! Watching my kids move their bodies through the obstacle course I can appreciate the thought and planning that went into this park- obviously park planners are taking note that children are not playing the way they used to. This is about to become our go- to spot to bring all out of towners with children- take note Birken and Raible families- our Littles have plans for your Littles!

        These days with so much work and school going on it is rare for our little family to get an entire day off together- when it does happen it's oh so good! Combined with the after effects of a round of nasty colds as well as the incessant rain of last week these cold days of sunshine are a blessing- a much needed break for us all. Yesterday was one of those rare perfect fall days- one that will be held close to our hearts when the rains returns! So today as we watch all the hype and propaganda of Remembrance Day on the news I will be thankful of the quiet truth that the peace I feel as I walk in the sunshine- the safety and surety that being Canadian brings me is all thanks to people like my Grandfather and hundreds of thousands of other grandfathers and grandmothers across the country.

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