Friday, November 7, 2014

Embracing Fall

            This week has been full of emotions for all of us- the colds are all petering out- the time change threw us all for a bit of a loop- we are all looking forward to an extra long weekend. I found it really difficult to get outside and embrace any form of exercise or really even the fresh air this week- between my cold and the pounding rains that hammered the coast- I was perfectly content to just hang out inside! That said the clouds parted briefly yesterday and the rain held off for the majority of the day- only to be replaced by gusting winds- but none the less it was nice to stretch my legs!

           When I set out I had a destination in mind- I wanted to hit our local sewing lounge Spool Of Thread for a bit of a browse- searching for a bit of inspiration and maybe some new patterns. Walking through one of my favourite neighbourhoods made me a bit sad- everything is looking so lonely- the swings normally full of Littles hung motionless over deep puddles of storm water. The field empty of all souls with the exception of a single dog who's owner stood huddled on the sidelines. It feels like just yesterday that my own Littles were enjoying the last rays of summer- barefoot and sweaty as they raced through the sand box. How are we possibly in November all ready?

         The days are growing shorter and although it is a struggle for me to wrap my head around the grey- dark days- I know that before the light must come the darkness and so with this in mind I know longer days will return. Patience is not one of my virtues- in any regard including the changing seasons. It is no wonder that these are the nights that were once full of bonfires and celebration- of harvest and death- bringing lightness into the dark.

          With new fabric on my cutting table and new wool begging to get onto my needles I am finding plenty to distract me from my maudlin tendencies. There is nothing more for me to do at this time of year than create- sew- knit- print- the creating of things to give away to my loved ones. No distractions like a magical trail to follow or beach to bask on- just snug inside days spent flexing my creative muscles- which is never a bad thing- in my opinion!

        Friends it is Friday- the days seem to be flying by at an impossible speed- I guess that is what happens when school days mark your calendar. I hope this weekend finds you all warm and dry- surrounded by love- and coffee- plenty of coffee! Happy Friday Friends!



  1. I awoke to some snow on the car the other morning. I let a big loud "NO" upon seeing this. Luckily it melted but we are slowly preparing also as the mornings are colder, the car windows need to be scraped, bundling up from the crisp (very crisp) winter winds. I'm told that this winter is going to be as bad as last years. So we are still cursing that we have not one the lotto! But we are not getting soaked in rain. I'm still not sure which I prefer. Grey but rainy days OR bright sunny winter days with lots of ice/snow but

    1. It's funny- immediately after writing this post a massive wind storm blew threw and blew out all the rain- clear- bright and cold the past few days- looks like the whole week should be like this!


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