Thursday, November 6, 2014

Makers Series: Kids Unplugged

          The next local in my Makers Series is a new line of "active wear" for Little's on the go- Kids Unplugged- many local fibre folks will recognize it's creator Anna from her popular yarn shop Baaad Anna's on East Hastings. With in the past few months Anna has branched out with her latest venture Kids Unplugged- "Practical yet playful clothing for kids who like to explore". This statement in a nutshell is what attracted me to Kids Unplugged- an adventurous and wholesome view of a childhood spent outdoors- in nature- learning and exploring.

In Anna's own words:

Kids Unplugged is a locally made line of outdoor wear and accessories. Inspired by my two young sons and our adventures in the forests, parks and beaches of British Columbia. The practical was inspired by the type of clothing I wanted for my kids during adventures in the forest. The playful was inspired by my boys who always want to 'choose' the fabric, be it mushrooms, astronauts or superheroes. All items are handmade in Vancouver, BC. Every order is custom made, you can choose your canvas colour, your interior fabric and zippers or snaps! 

        Over on the Kids Unplugged blog you will not only find links to all the wonderful products in the online store but you can also follow along on fantastical forest adventures- learn about local mushrooms and witness Littles doing what Littles are naturally inclined to do- explore and learn as they go. seeing the Littles in Kids Unplugged using and wearing their gear is the greatest testimony possible- all set against the best possible backdrop ever- our beautiful BC countryside!

          I know a couple of Littles on my Holiday shopping list that would love the Nature Tracker Bag- perfect for all those rocks and treasures that kids are constantly collecting! My Boy has already clearly let me know he would love an Adventure Vest- it's on his wish list- buying well made, locally sourced gifts makes shopping easy for me. Even better is when those gifts aid in my children's active- outdoor life- simple and easy- just the way childhood should be!

-Be sure to check out the Kids Unplugged Instagram feed as well- so much goodness there! @kids_unplugged

-Also be sure to check out the Kids Unplugged blog- follow along on their adventures and see all the great gear in action!

-Finally shop locally at the Kids Unplugged Big Cartel shop!

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