Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Right Now I am Grateful For::

Right Now I am Grateful For::

: this soothing cup of honey and lemon that I woke up to- yes I think the first cold/flue of the season is here and I am sure to lose my voice- not figuratively but literally- I usually get laryngitis at least once a year and this could be the start of something here.

: lots of evidence of the fun that was had yesterday with some dear friends and by evidence I mean dirty dishes, sleeping bags and crayons- yes I just left everything where it was and went to bed last night- I'm fine with that!

: this beautiful sound track that I have got running through my head- the lead singer is only fifteen years old- I think this gal is going places- I encourage you to check out Days on Mars!

: sleepy babes- OK kids- right now I have the house to myself- maybe the last bit of quiet I get until later this evening- I can sit and get my thoughts in order and ease into this grey, drizzly day- the clouds are moving rapidly and I can see glimpses of Grouse Mountain through the breaks- it is cold!

: the excitement of a new knitting project to cast on this morning- it is yet another hat but in a super soft naturally died merino- all pinks and light purples- something to keep Miss Lo warm when we go sledding over the holidays

: a growing stack of Christmas cards that is coming in every day from family and friends far and wide- I love getting mail and to me this is the best time of year generally because of that- you know people are thinking of you- of the fun you had over the year or maybe looking forward to seeing you soon- or maybe they are very far away and a card is their way of saying - I still carry you with me.

: my extended family- we cant wait to come home- my goal is to just relax the entire week we are there- this is a much needed break and I cant wait to see a few of my favourite people- my niece is coming home and my other niece has just moved home- my nephew is healthy and turning one( last year at this time he was in the NicU) and my other two nieces- I know- will be looking forward to hours of play time with their cousins! It is going to be a good time for sure!


  1. Your blog is so perfect and lovely. I hope you keep it up for a long long time!

  2. Oh Thanks Dea! I am grateful for you too- and all my friends who come here and listen to me rant!


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