Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In The Studio

        This past weekend found me busily setting up for not one demo but two at the downtown location of Opus Framing and Art Supplies! Both block printing and screen printing- I turned what is generally one demo into two demos for the very first time- and I am so glad I did! With the advent of two demos I was able to dig a little deeper into sharing my enthusiasm on block printing- something that in the past has generally become relegated to being a time filler while screens for screen printing dried. Expanding on the block printing class allowed me to talk more about mounting blocks for longevity, creating pattern on textiles with freshly cut blocks and best of all- I got to talk textiles- something that often gets relegated on one or two lines in the entire class. The class on Saturday was full of enthusiastic textile folks- with a tonne of questions relating to ink and fabric- I really enjoyed the conversation that ensued!

         Sunday found me once again setting up in the new classroom space at the downtown Opus- this time for the screen printing demo. Screen printing is kinda my thing- it's really quite magical to create an image over and over again. It's also the meat and bones of my business- most Plain Jane items are screen printed- like I said it's what I love to do! This class is always a favourite of mine- again lots of great conversation from enthusiastic folks who were truly interested in learning the basics to screen printing.

        I love the time immediately following a class- I always am inspired by what others are doing and the creative conversation that obviously crops up at times like this. I like to harness that inspiration- the excitement to get back in the studio and keep the creative tide going. So of course this week- I have been sick with a gross head cold and had zero energy to do much more than sketch out some ideas- after a full 12 hours of sleep last night- thanks to my Mr and kiddos for giving me the space to heal- I am feeling on the mend again. This morning is finding me at the table with my sketches in hand- excited to try out some new block printing ideas!

      Life for me right now is really a balancing act- I haven't mentioned it here in this space but I have four jobs- yeah four! Two that I love that pay the bills and two that are just really wonderful opportunities.  So needless to say I am incredibly busy these days- balancing work and being a Momma- plus trying my best to keep up with my art practice to keep my soul satisfied- a maker's gotta make!

     I gotta give a few massive shout outs this week for all the folks in my life that make this possible- my Mr. has really stepped up to the plate lately- the kids are happy and we are all fed so thats really what matters right now. My fantastic co- workers over at Opus who got people in the seats for both my demos as well as supported me by setting up- you guys really are the best! So thanks to these great people I was able to succeed this past weekend- grateful.


  1. I want to take all of your classes!
    I also want to learn to weave. I want to weave my own baby carrier.

    1. I want to do all of the crafts! I'm hoping to get at least 1 quilt finished by Christmas!


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