Friday, October 10, 2014


           These days my life has been all about change and as Shrek says "Change is good Donkey"- so lots of change happening around these parts both literal and figurative. We have already established that my babies are now in full day school- away from me- foraging ahead into the world of being a kid. For the first fall in almost eight years I'm not pregnant- I'm not pushing a stroller or holding one or more hands constantly- while this new found freedom made me a bit jittery at first- unsure of my place in the world at large with no stroller to seek shelter behind- I am- after a few weeks- getting used to it. My days are beginning to take shape- I am attempting to take on a new shape- a slimmer shape!

        Enter in my bike- stage left-  for the past few years my poor bike has sat neglected but for a couple of rides per year. My bike which predates both husband and children- has seen a lot of miles- mostly forest trails but plenty of street- my bike and I have have a relationship. I have missed riding my bike. For me- now that I have this gift of time in my day- getting back on my bike is a metaphor for so much more- I'm ready to make room for myself once again- to make myself a priority once again. So it was with great excitement that my Mr. and I headed out onto the seawall yesterday morning in the brilliant October sunshine- secure in the knowledge that our babies are well cared for- free to reclaim some time to ourselves. This is a massive change!

         Heading back to work for me to has been a big change- in only the best of ways- I am beginning to see how hard it is for full time working parents. My hat is off to you I say! I am so glad to have found something that fits in with our schedual- no juggling- except the dishes and laundry. The important things are covered- our children are always with either the Mr. or I - one of us is always there to pick them up from school and take them to the library on weekends. For us right now this works - giving our family that added bit of income to make our dreams become a reality- our eye is firmly planted on the prize!

         One last bit of change- you may have noticed a new look happening around this corner of the interwebs- I am so pleased with how the blog is shaping up! I was fortunate enough to work with local designer Cathy Matusicky from State Creative Group- she really helped me to focus my vision for this space- clean it up significantly and add a few pops of fun! Sometimes we need to seek outside help to bring order to all the ideas swirling about in our heads- Cathy was able to do just that. I felt with all the change going on in real life it was an excellent time to create a bit of change here as well- freshen things up if you will. I'm quite excited to announce that I am looking to partner with sponsors who align with my values- creativity, environmentalism, family! So a few exciting changes around these parts for sure- because as well all know by now- change is good!

      Friends it is Friday- again- how the heck did that happen! I am looking forward to date night with my Mr. tonight- which almost never happens but thanks to a dear friend we are hitting the town tonight! Hope your weekend is full of turkey and love Friends- Happy Thanksgiving!


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