Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rhythm of the Weekend

           These days our weekends are much different than what we are used to- with this Momma returning to work I have had to let go- a tonne- let go of my preconceived notions of a clean kitchen- let go of brushed hair and mostly let go of our glorious time spent exploring and wondering together as a family. I miss our weekends of exploring- that said we are all looking forward and in time the pay off will be immense! At any rate this past weekend was a holiday weekend- Thanksgiving for Canadian folks- time for family and time for food!

           So with additional time off we do what our family loves to do- we headed for our local farmers market to pick up a few extra goodies for our holiday feast. Flowers of course- a chicken that lived a happy life and a few treats to make a grey day a little brighter! Our local markets are all winding down for the season- I was so happy to get a visit in before the Winter Market opens up- there is just something so magical about the markets at this time of year- truly a celebration of harvest and bounty.

           With so much scary information coming out in the news regarding our food source these days it's nice to be reassured that our country still produces good- whole food. One doesn't need to be reliant on fruit and vegetable from California- we have it here and by shopping farmers markets we are increasing the demand and supporting the farmers for the coming season. There is a spirit here that you can't buy in a grocery store- the busking fiddler or the Granny who knows our Littles and what treats they like best- the chicken lady who always insists we take a bigger bird or gives us a dollar off eggs- it's a beautiful thing this community.

          The seasons have definitely changed for the cooler- darker days- hearkening Winter Solstice and ultimately the return of the sun- this cyclical rhythm happening almost unnoticed. Our family has so much to be thankful this year- now that we are slowing down- spending more days inside we are reminded of all our wonderful adventures- of legs stretched and knees skinned. Thankful for lingering tan lines on our feet- evidence of hours spent on wooded trails and rocky beaches. Thankful for our health and strong bodies.

        Our weekend together- reconnecting with each other and dear friends was such a treat- good food and love at the centre of it all- snug and cozy out of the pouring rain. Things are different this year- no trip to the Okanagan- different but good- learning to create new traditions of our own. For me what it all boils down to is this- all though our life is not perfect- so far from where we want to be- it is blessed- so blessed- so much goodness- and for that I am Thankful!


  1. But it's okay to be reliant on food from California if you live in California, right? ;)

    1. oh you! You know it's OK to eat food from California if you live there! I made that point because we are hearing so much doom and gloom on the news these days about how our food prices are going to sky rocket because of the California drought- my take on that (as you know) is to just eat local!


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