Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thrifted Thursday: My Top 3 Fave Gastown Thrift Stores!

             It's a well documented fact that I love a good thrift or vintage store- I love everything about shopping second hand. The environmental factor- an estimated 14.3 million tonnes of used textiles gets thrown into our landfills every year. By opting out of fast fashion and shopping thrift or vintage not only are clothes being kept out of the landfill but there is no false added demand being created. Lets face it though it's the thrill of the hunt that keeps me thrifting- looking for that one unique item that calls my name- that elusive vintage gem that is out there if I just keep looking! With this in mind I thought I would share my favourite stops for thrift and vintage in our neighbourhood.

            First up is Community Thrift and Vintage- this is possibly my most frequented stop-convineintly located right up the street from our house on Carroll St beside Nelson The Seagull. The perfect day may or may not include a rummage through the racks followed by a creamy latte next door! Community operates two locations - the men's wear shop located just around the corner on Cordova. Both shops carry a small but good selection of vintage children's clothes- I have found a number of items for both the Little's wardrobes - helping them to get their vintage on at an early age!

          Erin Templeton is located at the corner of Carroll St and Powell in the heart of historic Chinatown. A well curated selection of true vintage items can be found mingling with Erin's line of leather bags in the studio/ storefront. What I love about the collection at Erin Templeton is the true nature of the vintage items she shares- a Victorian blouse hangs next to sweatshirt from the 1970's. It's just that good!

         New to me is Duchesse- an excellent mixture of clothing, housewares, furnitures and oddities- everything good that one can imagine in the same place! Located on quiet little stretch of Columbia street Duchesse is the kind of shop one might see in Height Ashbury- eclectic but still modern with out being pretentious.


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